Herbal Medicine, Massage & SkincareTreatments

I have over 10 years clinical practice since graduating from Edinburgh

Napier university, this includes experience in treating a wide range of

conditions; from arthritis to acne, eczema and skin problems,menstrual

disorders and menopause, allergies and asthma, diabetes, digestive

disorders, thyroid problems and mental health issues.


Herbal medicine really is 'as old as the hills' and although it is often referred to as 'alternative medicine', it sometimes surprises people to learn, that in fact orthodox medicine was born out of a tradititional medical practice that was solely based on the use of herbs. Most of the pharmaceutical drugs that are on the market today, are derived from medicinal plant chemicals or synthesised plant compounds.  Times have moved on, and although many of the remedies remain the same, Western herbalists now train in diagnostic skills that are the same as your G.P. A herbalist will spend time with you to look beyond the symptoms of your illness, and try to find the cause, (so don't be surprised if you have a sore ear and I want to ask you about your diet and lifestyle!), to a herbalist, it's all connected.

While there are more and more powerful herbal medicines from all over the world readily becoming available, I am passionate about sustainability and believe that the herbs which are adapted to your environment, will be the best healers for you, so I aim to provide native remedies where possible.

Your Medicine

All the medicines I prescribe are individual preparations tailored to your specific needs, and are made by me using ingredients that are as Organic, wild, Biodynamic and sustainable as possible.  Your medicine could take the form of tincture, tea, powder, capsule, oil, cream, linament, ointment, or dietary advice, (although I try to avoid the use of alcoholic preparations as much as I can.)

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Cromarty : Herbal Medicine Clinic


My Dispensary at Rurki in Cromarty makes a beautiful setting for herbal consultations.  The first consultation usually takes 1 hour and allows me to become familiar with your background and medical history.  Each repeat visit will be around 40mins, and your medicine will be tailored to your specific needs, and posted to you within 5 days of your visit.  (or ready to collect within 2 days)

Appointments by request, so get in touch to arrange a time that suits you.

Herbal Medicine Consultation
& Massage treatments


An individual prescription will be fomulated for you.

First consultation: £45

Aromatherapy 60 min £45

Massage 30 min £25

Massage 60 min £40

Skincare treatment £60

Facial 30 mins £40

Repeat Consultation: £35

**Concessions may be arranged on an individual basis.

Medicines cost approximately £6-10 per week*

*Depending on your needs.

Massage treatments and Herbal consultations are currently unavailable due to COVID restrictions.  I hope to be operational again in Summer, in accordance with government guidelines. I would like to thank my customers for your custom and patience at this time.